Choosing The Right Glasses

If you have gone to the optometrist and they have determined you need to wear prescription glasses, you want to make sure you buy the best glasses for your needs. You may think you are only going to wear your glasses once in a while, no matter what the optometrist suggests. However, once you see how much they help your eyesight, you will more than likely find yourself wanting to wear them all the time. Therefore, you want them to fit right and look good on you. Consider the tips below when it comes to choosing your eyeglasses:

Consider going with tinted lenses

You can get your glasses with a light tint in the lenses. Since you have prescription glasses, you won't be able to wear sunglasses. Your prescription lenses will get darker automatically in the bright light and protect your eyes the same way sunglasses would. You can chose from different degrees of tint so you get the amount of protection that works the best for your needs.

Choose glasses that don't block your vision

While you want to give some consideration to the look and style of your frames, you really need to make sure they are comfortable on you. Put them in and look in all directions. You want to choose frames that don't block your vision on the top, bottom or either side. Another option is to go with frameless glasses; they only have a thin frame along the top, making them less intrusive.

Choose the best style

You want to try on different styles and go with the one that fits the shape of your face the best. Different face types will look good in different styles, allowing you to find one that really compliments you. If you have a round face, you want to try rectangular glasses. If you have a long face, then a round pair may look best on you. Certain colors will also compliment your eye color and your skin tone. It's a good idea to have someone take pictures of you wearing your favorite  pairs with your phone, so you can see which pair you really like.

Go with a pair that sets right

The right pair of glasses will fit your nose and ears correctly. When you wear them, they won't feel heavy or as if they are pulling. While some glasses have a nose piece that's adjustable, there is only so much adjusting can do.

By following these tips, you will be able to get the right pair of glasses that you will be fine wearing all the time.

For more help on finding the right glasses, contact an optometrist in Langley.