Understanding Lasik Surgery and Discomfort

If you want perfect vision, then you may want to have a procedure completed like a laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is a very popular and successful surgery for many individuals, but you may be worried about whether or not the procedure causes you pain. Keep reading to learn a bit more about this.  Is Lasik Surgery Painful? Lasik surgery is typically considered a painless procedure with few complications. A general anesthetic is not utilized, which means you can be awake during the entire procedure. Read More 

How Eye Infection Symptoms Are Easily Confused With Other Eye Problems

Something's awry with your eye. It could be an infection, but it could also be a half dozen other things, too. Before you start flipping out and head into panic mode, you need to know that eye infection symptoms are almost the exact same symptoms experienced by other problems with your eyes. The following health problems have accompanying issues with your eyes, which is why it is difficult to determine on your own (and without an eye infection doctor's help) exactly what is going on. Read More 

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes This Summer

In the summer, the sun is intense, and most people spend more time outside. All that sunshine and time outside can be tough on your eyes if you don't take the time to protect your eyes. There are lots of ways that you can protect and take care of your eyes this summer. 1. Wear the Right Sunglasses When you go outside in the summer, you should have your sunglasses on. Read More 

Care Tips For Your Child’s Eyes

Your child's eyes experience a lot more technology in a single day than your eyes ever did at such a young age. Computers, tablets, phones, and other screens are used throughout the day, more-so than ever before. A lot more young people are needing eyeglasses to be able to see properly. Caring for your child's eyes is essential in preventing poor eyesight and other damage to your child's eyes. Read on for care tips for your child's eyes. Read More 

Causes Of Lazy Eye Condition, And How To Detect It

Amblyopia, which most people commonly refer to as a lazy eye, is an eye condition in which one eye doesn't focus as much as the other one. This causes the weaker eye (the one that doesn't focus perfectly) to wander. Left untreated, the condition progressively worsens until the brain starts to ignore the wandering eye and the child's vision is impaired. What Causes the Lazy Eye? Lazy eye has multiple causes; here are some of the common ones Read More