When To Avoid Wearing Contacts

When you get contacts, you may want to wear them all the time. However, there will be times when you should try to wear your glasses instead of your contacts. You want to wear them under good conditions so you don't put added wear and tear on them or allow them to cause your eyes to feel irritated. This article will educate you on the conditions you may want to avoid wearing your contacts in.

Don't wear contacts in dusty conditions

If you are wearing your contacts and dust gets blown into your eyes, it's going to make them more irritated, especially if small particles of dust happen to go between your contact lenses and your eyes. Also, the small fragments of dust can cause damage to the lenses. If you do get caught in dusty conditions, it's best to try to wear sunglasses to help keep some of the dust out of your eyes.

Don't wear contacts in a convertible

You don't want to put your contacts under extremely windy conditions. For this reason, you don't want to wear them if you are going to be riding in a convertible or on a motorcycle. The wind will cause your eyes to get irritated, and can even lead to the contacts coming out of your eyes and getting lost.

Don't use spray paint with contacts in

Spray paint that comes from a spray can will put out small particles that can stick. You want to prevent these particles from causing your contacts from being damaged. You can wear safety goggles and keep your contacts in. However, if you are going to be painting without goggles, then definitely remove your contact lenses first.

Avoid wearing contacts if you are going to be awake for a long period

If you are going to be in a position of staying awake for a long period of time, then it's a good idea to wear your glasses instead of your contacts. When you need to stay awake a long time, such as during finals or when working overtime, your eyes will get very tired.

Have a pair of prescription glasses

Even if you think you are going to wear contacts all the time, you really want to make sure you have a pair of prescription glasses so you can wear them when you don't have your contacts in. This will give you another option so you don't have to choose between wearing your contacts or not being able to see well.

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