Contact Lenses & Vacations: Options For Different Types Of Delivery

If you order contact lenses through the mail, then it's important to plan out deliveries and ensure you have everything you need delivered on time. There are multiple occasions where this is important and one of them is vacationing. There are all different types of vacations and different types of shipping options to cater to your needs. By learning about the different options, you can set up a shipping plan that works for you and ensure you're getting the vision help you need. 

Double Orders

As you are planning your vacation, one of the things you might want to consider adding to the checklist is contact lenses. By planning far enough ahead of time, you can submit a double order of contacts which will help give you enough lenses to cover your vacation. While on vacation, items may get lost or go missing, and have an extra order back at home will ensure you are not without contacts when your vacation is over. If you have vision insurance that covers the contacts, then you need to contact them ahead of time to find out more information on placing these double orders. If the extra order is not covered, you may have to pay out of pocket or seek an extra option.

Hotel Shipments

While staying at a hotel or resort, many companies offer a receiving service for guest packages. While placing your order for contacts, you will use the hotel's direct shipping address as provided in their policy. The label should contain information about your guest name, reservation number, or any other way to identify you. This makes it easy to ship directly to the hotel and have your lenses available for you as you arrive. This also helps eliminate the steps of ordering online, shipping to your home, and then packing them for vacation. This process also works well if you're already on vacation and realize you forgot your contact lenses. Every hotel is different, so it's a good idea to check with your specific hotel about their policy.

Extended Holiday Vacations

During the holidays, many people spend extended time with family members. If you're staying for a week or longer, it's important to have your lenses with you so you can see properly. When ordering online, it's easy to ship directly to a relative's house. After you've made an account with a lens provider website, you can add an alternate address used for shipping. This address can be saved in your account so you can easily access it anytime you are visiting family and need your lenses shipped to the location. Rushed shipping options can also make it easy to get your contacts quick and easy.

Hold for Pickup Options

Not every vacation is stable and in a single location. If you're going on a camping adventure, road trip, or some type of boating trip, then you will constantly be on the move and visiting different locations. Thankfully, the United States Postal Service has a special program called "Hold for Pickup". Other shipping companies also offer this service. By using this option, you do not need to have a specific address you're delivering the contact lenses to. You can select a post office located within your route of travel and use this as your pick-up location. Once the package arrives, you will receive a notification and can pop into the post office to pick it up. In most situations like this, you will need a valid ID to confirm you are the one allowed to pick up the package.

By knowing all the shipping options, you can easily have contact lenses available to you at any point. Browse online to find the best deals and lens options. Click here for more info about this topic.