Care Tips For Your Child’s Eyes

Your child's eyes experience a lot more technology in a single day than your eyes ever did at such a young age. Computers, tablets, phones, and other screens are used throughout the day, more-so than ever before. A lot more young people are needing eyeglasses to be able to see properly. Caring for your child's eyes is essential in preventing poor eyesight and other damage to your child's eyes. Read on for care tips for your child's eyes.

1. Provide A Healthy Diet

Your child should be eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins (such as carotene and Vitamin A), including fresh fruits and vegetables such as leafy spinach, kale, carrots, papaya, mangoes, and berries. Give your child these types of foods to eat, even if you have to blend them into a smoothie to get them to eat them. They're good for their entire bodies and great for better eye health.

2. Limit Time In Front Of The Screen

This may be nearly impossible with so much tech being available not only at home, but also at schools too. Try to limit screen time to under 2 hours per day. This includes tablets, computers, phones, and televisions. Staring at a computer all day long can cause dry eye syndrome and can also cause your eyes to get blurry whenever you look away from the screen, taking more and more time for the eyes to adjust after looking away.

3. Use Tech Wisely

When using technical devices, be sure your child is using them wisely. Your child should be a good distance away from the screen and should avoid any glare on the screens, which means adjusting the screen when necessary. Also be sure your child has the screen at eye level, rather than holding it down, which can cause eye strain as well as neck and shoulder strain. Be sure there is enough lighting whenever using any technical devices. Never allow your child to watch television in a dark room or use a phone or tablet in the dark either.

4. Don't Rub The Eyes

Prevent your child from rubbing their eyes, especially with unwashed hands. Children touch all types of objects and things all day long and probably aren't washing their hands very well (or at all), so rubbing their eyes is going to spread all types of germs to their eyes which can cause eye infections. If you see your child rubbing their eyes, be sure to stop them. Rubbing can also cause damage such as scratches to the cornea if there is anything in their eyes. Wash out the eye if you see anything in your child's eyes.

Your child's eyes should be cared for properly to prevent damage to your child's sight. Follow the tips above and be sure to take your child to the optometrist for an eye exam if you spot any signs that your child cannot see properly. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Master  Eye Associates