Understanding Lasik Surgery and Discomfort

If you want perfect vision, then you may want to have a procedure completed like a laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is a very popular and successful surgery for many individuals, but you may be worried about whether or not the procedure causes you pain. Keep reading to learn a bit more about this. 

Is Lasik Surgery Painful?

Lasik surgery is typically considered a painless procedure with few complications. A general anesthetic is not utilized, which means you can be awake during the entire procedure. You will be provided with a local anesthetic though, and unlike other procedures, this does not require a needle to administer the medication. You will instead be provided with eye drops that numb the cornea. 

Minimal anesthesia is required due to the very limited amount of tissue that is cut away from the eye. The outer cornea alone is surgically treated, and this tissue is trimmed or smoothed away to create a much more smooth surface. To reduce the invasiveness of the procedure and to also keep tissue damage to a minimum, most professionals will use a laser technique to complete the operation.

During the procedure, you are likely to feel a bit of pressure, especially when the initial flap is created. This is completely normal and the overall procedure is typically completed in about ten to fifteen minutes.

Is There Pain After Lasik?

Pain is unlikely after your procedure, but some people do complain about itching, a sensation that something is in the eye, and a mild feeling of burning directly afterward. You may be advised to take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAI) pain reliever after the surgery to reduce irritating sensations. You may also be advised to use eye drops to keep the eyes moist and to keep itching at bay, and oftentimes these drops are medicated to prevent infections.

You also should stay out of the sun and use the eye guards given to you. Your eyes will usually heal quickly, but if you do feel discomfort that is bothersome, speak with your eye doctor during your checkup, which is scheduled a day or two after your procedure. Moderate levels of pain are a sign of an infection or an adverse reaction to your medicated eye drops, so you want to see a professional about this issue as soon as you can.

If you want to know more about lasik eye surgery, speak with your local eye doctor.