How To Know If You Need An Appointment With Your Eye Doctor

It is recommended that you go for yearly eye exams, whether you currently have a prescription for corrective lenses or not. However, besides your once yearly eye exam, you might need to return sooner due to various issues. Are you wondering when it might be time to call to schedule an extra appointment before your upcoming yearly exam? Here are some of the signs that it is time to seek out help as soon as possible:

You Are Experiencing Double Vision

If you have started to experience double vision, it could be a serious problem. Then again, it could just be one of the symptoms you get when you get a migraine, if you are one of the unlucky ones that gets migraines. However, you do not want to try to diagnose this problem on your own. Instead, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

You Have Been Diagnosed With Diabetes

Generally, when someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they have had out of control blood sugar levels for a while. Untreated diabetes can lead to problems with your vision. Even if you have not noticed any changes with your vision, a diabetes diagnosis should prompt you to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. They can use special testing equipment to determine the condition of your eyes. You will then want to make sure that you are going back every year so they can track the progress of any issues, if you have any issues at all.

Your Glasses Are No Longer Working Well

If you have prescription lenses and you feel that they are no longer helping you see correctly, you will want to get back to the eye doctor. Even if you just got a new prescription a few months ago, something with your eyesight could have changed, causing you to need a new prescription. Do not delay getting to the eye doctor. The longer you wait, the more your eyes have to strain to see everything.

Knowing when to call for an appointment for eye trouble is important because if there is indeed something going wrong, you will want to know about it right away. The sooner problems are diagnosed, the sooner the appropriate treatment can begin. If you do not currently have an eye doctor that you normally see for yearly exams, it is time for you to find one. You can call your insurance company to obtain a list of eye doctors in your vicinity that accept your insurance plan. You can then search for some online reviews so you can determine which vision centers would be ideal to call for an appointment.